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Who says a beautiful woman can’t beat men at wrestling? The ever popular sport of Mixed Wrestling and the battle of the sexes has been going on ever since men and women were created. Watching men and women wrestling can capture some of the playful antagonism of that age-old battle, as well as proving that it will never be definitively resolved. Even in the area of strength, where men have long assumed themselves to be superior, beautiful women wrestlers prove that their strength and skills are a perfect match for that of their male counterparts.



Our mixed wrestling videos prove that the incredible women of wrestling can do just about anything. Some of the man vs. woman wrestling matches focus on both opponents wrestling in competitive and combative elements of the sport. If you watch one of our pros in the ring against a man, you'll quickly see that she is every inch his equal without sacrificing her femininity or her sex appeal. Some of our other Mixed Wrestling Matches focus more on the erotic undercurrent that inevitably exists when a strong and powerful man and a beautiful woman with power of her own are body-to-body, trying to outwit and defeat each other. We also feature mixed wrestling matches with sexy amateurs --some of whom have impressive grappling skills and a few who just have a lot of fun trying. Our pro style wrestling, pro-am wrestling, amateur wrestling, oil wrestling, and super sexy mixed wrestling fantasy matches all show different aspects of the eternal battle of the sexes, where man vs. woman. Sometimes there is definitely a loser--but other times, both parties are able to win in their own way. Either way, you get to enjoy the sexy results!

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